Traditional Impressions

Step 1 - Complete the case prescription form

Download and fill out our case prescription form:

Hero Dental Lab Forms

Step 2 - Prepare & Package

  • Prepare and package your case.
  • Please disinfect any contaminated items and make sure all needed components are included with the case.
  • Package case together with the lab form and appropriate packing material.

Step 3 - Shipping

At Hero Dental Lab we will never make a dollar off shipping cases.  If you have a shipping account or method you prefer, you can use that.  

If you would like to simplify the process, we offer prepaid labels for your convenience.  Any cost for shipping with our prepaid labels will simply be passed through to you. 

We offer a variety of shipping methods to suit your preferences.  To lower costs, try and package more cases per box and choose the most cost effective shipping carrier.

Click Here to request a bulk supply of any shipping labels

USPS will likely come to your office every day for pickups.  If you choose UPS, you can call 1-800-PICK-UPS at any time to schedule a pickup.

Digital Impresions

Rx & Case Submission

For digital cases, you simply need to fill out our Digital Rx form and attach the necessary digital files.  Will will ship the case back with your default shipping method on your account. If you need something different, please specify on the Rx.

Click Here to submit your case digitally