A Lab Built By Dentists For Dentists.



Trusted by Industry Leaders and An Authorized Lab For Many of The Largest Implant Manufacturers 

In The World. We Work Directly With The Largest Implant Manufacturers In The World To Make Sure

Our Implant Restorations Are Created With The Highest Quality Components

And Materials Possible.


Why Choose Hero Dental Lab?


Quality Control Standards Built By Dentists

Quality standards that are built by dentists to get the best results possible. We know what a dentist wants in a lab and we know the results that are expected.


No Fault Remake Policy

If you are not happy, we are not happy. Things happen and we will work with you to get your case the way your patient wants it.



We have some of the best lab technicians in the country with over 25 years of experience in crown and bridge, implants and dental restorative material research and development.


Constantly Improving

We embrace a culture of change. We will continually be adding services and employing new techniques that improve the quality of each service we offer. We will never be stagnant and you can trust we will always be on the cutting edge of what your lab can offer you.

What We Do

Dental Lab Crowns

Crown & Bridge Zirconia

We offer all aspects of Zirconia crown & bridge restorations from single units to full arch restorations. We have found that when using the greatest zirconia materials in the world, we are able to achieve incredible esthetics and results in nearly every situation.

Dental Lab Implants

Dental Implants

We provide implant restorations and are able to fabricate all components in our facility from custom abutments to metal bars. Being able to create quality implant restorations was one of the largest drivers for us to create Hero Dental Lab.

Dental Lab

Value Priced Services

We built a lab that we wanted as dentists. We have fee for service offices that have complete control over pricing and are able to provide a higher quality crown but we also have offices that require more budget friendly options due to certain low fee schedules.

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