Hands On Dental Implant Education

At Hero Dental Lab, we love continuing education.  We believe in a culture of constant improvement and change.  As we learn and improve what we can offer, we also want to share these things with our doctors.  We offer CE courses to help doctors have more success and improve the way they work with us. We also offer and host other educational courses that will help doctors improve their skills and the types of procedures they can offer their patients.  

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Upcoming CE Courses

Full Arch Courses

March 21, 2020  Full Arch Part I : Neodent

April 25, 2020     Full Arch Part  II : Neodent

May 23, 2020.     Full Arch Part III : Neodent

Aug 22, 2020      Full Arch Part 1 : Neodent

Accelerated Full Arch Course

November 13-14, 2020.   Full Arch Part I : Neodent

Hands-On Dental Implants and Grafting

November 21, 2020    Hands On Dental Implants and Grafting