Zirconia Crown & Bridge Restorations

Since we are a lab built for dentists by dentists, we offer the services that are most important in our own offices. Over the years we have gradually changed to using zirconia for the vast majority of our indirect restorations. In our opinion it is the best blend of strength and esthetics currently available. By using high-end zirconia pucks to mill our restorations, we are able to get incredible results in even the most demanding esthetic cases. We believe in focusing on what is most important to us and excelling at it. Accordingly, our lab only offers zirconia restorations. We have developed relationships that allow us to use the best zirconia that can be made. When you start with high quality materials, create and design restorations with amazing technicians and have dentists working in the lab to offer their perspective, you get an extremely high quality product you can be proud to offer to your patients.


Implant Restorations

The main reason we started Hero Dental Lab, was because we had such a difficult time finding a quality implant lab that would deliver consistent results. When a crown needs to be remade it is not a great situation. When a large implant case goes bad, it can be devastating. We understand the pain, drama, and expense that can create. Having lived through this many times, Hero Dental Lab was created to do everything we can to prevent that from happening. We work closely with and are an authorized lab for many of the world's largest implant companies. We do everything from single units to double arch all on 4 cases. We are able to mill metal and manufacture our own custom abutments. Even with all of the best equipment and technicians, we have come to understand the importance of communication. To ever hope for consistent success with your lab, you need great communication. How many labs are you able to talk with another dentist to get the results you are looking for?

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